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We also have close contacts with all the other Accounting Software Developers, Dealers, Distributors, resellers and agents in the Country.

Sage 50 Accounts v22 2017 includes some great new features, including following :

Sage 50 Accounts v22 includes some great new features, including:
Bank feeds
A secure service that you can use to bring your live bank account data directly into Sage 50 Accounts. This saves you time entering transactions, eliminates errors and simplifies your bank reconciliation, saving you valuable time. Read more >>
Corrections made easy
You no longer need to reverse journals and bank transfers. You can now edit any details on a journal or bank transfer, and you can even delete them.
Paid something in error? Easily unallocate payments and credits from invoices.
Get paid faster
With Sage Pay Invoice Payments it's easier for customers to pay you, so you get paid faster. You can add Pay Now buttons to invoices and statements so customers can pay you online, and accept card payments over the phone. It all integrates seamlessly with Sage Accounts. If you have Sage Cover Extra or Sage Accounts subscription, there's no monthly fee, simply pay as you go.
Improved aged balance analysis
Within the Aged Balances windows, you can quickly drill down to see which transactions make up the balances, then use the new smart links to view the original invoice or credit details.
Flexible invoice reference numbers
You can choose what information appears as the transaction reference and extra reference when you update invoices and purchase orders to the ledger.
Improved bank transfer
You can now enter multiple bank transfers at the same time.
New analysis options
We've added new analysis boxes in invoices, orders and quotations that you can customise to suit your needs. Read more >>

The May 2016 Improvements Update brings the following benefit to your software:
Sage 50 CIS refunds
In the latest Sage 50 CIS module, available on subscription, we've added a new Subcontractor refunds option, making it quick and easy to post refunds to your subcontractors. Read more >>
The April 2016 Improvements Update brings the following benefits to your software:
New Sage 50 CIS module
With the new Sage 50 CIS module, available on subscription, you can make corrections to CIS transactions and resubmit amended CIS Returns. Read more >>

Sage Pay - Request card payment
With just a few clicks you can email a web link to your customer so they can pay you online quickly and easily.
Backup manager improvements
For easy data storage you can now back up to external drives attached to your server.
Sage Drive improvements
Uploaded data shows a date and time stamp, so you can be sure you're connecting to the latest data.
The February 2016 Improvements Update brings the following benefits to your software:
Credit control improvements
We've improved the credit control features in several ways based on your feedback:
  • To help keep your accounts correct, you get a warning if you're about to enter a duplicate batch invoice or credit.
  • Warning messages if you try to despatch a sales order for a customer who's on hold or if the order will exceed their credit limit.
  • To comply with current legislation, you can enter a settlement discount and apply VAT to it. This means you don't have to enter separate credit notes for settlement discounts.
Quickly view all parts of a journal
No more hunting around for different parts of a journal. To view the whole journal in one place, simply double-click the journal debit or credit transaction.
Use batch supplier payments with Sage Payments
To save time you can make multiple supplier payments using your Sage Payments account.
Easy to find Help Centre
To find help quickly and easily, you can access the Sage Help Centre from your software with just one click.
Handy new reports

New and Improved Features in Sage 50 UK 2014 To be released Soon?

These are the important news feature changes expected in sage 50 2014 UK package to be released soon.
Most of the below mentioned improvements are related to UK customers whereas some other features are useful to customers based in others countries as well. Due to major changes to VAT management in this version, Sage simply like to call this is the " VAT Edition" Though there are many other good improvements added.
VAT Changes for VAT Cash Accounting Scheme members 
Any businesses that are or been trading under the VAT Cash Accounting scheme,  those businesses now able to use the Foreign Trader options within Sage 50 Accounts which was not available previously. 
Help for Charities Sage 50 Accounts 2014 UK - The next version will make it easier to maximise the amount of Gift Aid that businesses are able to reclaim according to UK'S small donation and gift aid legislation. The specifid HMRC Gift Aid Report is now easier to generate and businesses are now able to produce a Submission Report that can be uploaded directly to the HMRC to reclaim the Gift Aid easily without wasting time and with more accuracy. 
Improvements to Product Module
Remove unused Items
Now with this facility you will be able to remove unused items from the Item List. This is a option many people have been asking for a long time specially if they work with many new items and old items are usually not required to appear.
Stock Levels  
Now you will be able to see the stock level (Qty available etc) from within the invoice or sales order entry screen, Thus without going to stock module Now you can accurately inform the customer of delivery times and stock availability, even before you try to save it.
Stocktake Quantities 
Now it will be possible to Import Qty of stock takes from a Microsoft Excel or .CSV file.
Please note that sage has rebranded Peachtree and Accpac Simply Accounting also as Sage 50 (sage 50 US and Sage 50 Canada respectively). This has made a confusion for many people around the world.
According to sage, the summary of updates will be : 
We've added:
  • No worry VAT - Everything your clients need to calculate and submit theirv VAT return in a single step-by-step process.

  • Foreign Trading - Stay on top of tax legislation for trading abroad.

  • Manage your stock - Calculate stock value instantly and make sure stock levels match stock takes.

  • Charities - Record donations and produce gift aid returns, quickly and easily, to upload straight to HMRC.

Sage 50 UK 2013, New Reporting Browser with detailed Descriptions and "Send to Excel" Option

Reporting plus

Sage 50 2013 has not changed a lot but it has all new report browser with detailed descriptions, filters and previews to help with selection, plus the ability to define favourites; action buttons to quickly open or export reports; and an indicator to show when reports are running.

Design and customisation of reports has been simplified and there’s a new option to re-use the same style across reports rather than format each one individually.

Reporting performance is enhanced too. Reports in the 2012 release were already a lot quicker to run and those enhancements continue in the 2013 product not a major concern for smaller companies perhaps, but a real plus for those with large numbers of transactions to track.

Also, the integration with Excel is vastly improved with the option to export data directly, plus an “export to Excel” button that appears over 100 times, making it a much easier and more obvious option. Added to which an Excel Integrated Reporting Module, installed as an add-on for Excel if found on the host system, adds Sage functions, data ranges and workbooks to give a more comprehensive set of reporting options within spreadsheets.

Peachtree and Simply Accounting Re Branded Sage 50 US and Sage 50 Canada respectively by Sage UK

Sage PLC of UK, the current Owners after aquisitions of USA based Peachtree and Canada based Simply Accounting (by ACCPAC) have renamed them again to be in line with their other Products used in UK namely Sage 50 UK (Formerly called Sage Line 50), Sage 100 (Formerly Mid Market), Sage 200 and Sage 500 ERP.

Peachtree and Simply accounting were aquired by Sage PLC of UK few years back from original owners. Sage 50 UK is the most popular product in the UK market and is the flagship product of Sage PLC. With this rebranding Sage tries to identify their different products with a Number after Sage and then the focused country. (Ex: Sage 50 UK is former sage line 50) However these are entirely different products and has no link or upgrade path in between them.

This table details how sage has renamed their Products compared to earlier names.

Sage 50 latest version (Sage 2012) with many new features launched.

Sage 50 Accounts 2012 has been driven by feedback from customers. With emphasis on increased efficiency and effectivenes sage have realised that they need to improve on performance and availability to retain the No. 1  position in UK.

Increased Efficiency
  • Quick search functionality making it easier to find your customers, suppliers or products
  • Quick Print - set your default reports and layouts and print at the touch of a button
  • Support Home Page - access all your product and user in one central location
  • Online registration - no more lengthy support calls to register your product

Greater Control

  • Lock Date to close down month & year end.
  • Refreshed Nominal code list allowing your to adapt to your business type
  • Improved Chart of Accounts - preview without having to print a report
  • Show profit before and after tax on your profit and loss

Sage 50 Accounts Mobile

  • Free to download and use and there are no data transfer limits
  • Manage your accounts on the move
  • Fully encrypted for data integrity and security
  • Create invoices and quotations on the go using your mobile phone
  • Manage customer and supplier debt
  • Available for iPhone and Blackberry
  • Coming soon for Android and iPad

Improved Performance

  • Improved infrastructure
  • Faster data transfer
  • Network performance on multi user systems
  • Seamless upgrade process and data conversion
  • Easier housekeeping practices (check data and back up process)
More details www.sage-tips.blogspot.com

Common Modules / Features in Accounting Software / ERP

Though we call packages like sage, Quickbooks and busy as Accounting Software packages, they are really much more than the words say. Many of them contain functionality for:

Customers & Debtors Management
Suppliers & Vendors, Creditors Management
Cash, Bank, Credit Card Management
General Ledger
Stock Control
Inventory, Items, Products
Jobs, Projects, Cost centres, Departments / Branches
Payroll, Human resources, Attendance
Fixed Assets Management
Requisition, Purchase Orders, Good Receipts, Goods returns
Quotation/estimate, Sales Orders. Delivery, Invoicing, Credit Notes Creation and Management